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Edible Arrangements is a U.S.-based franchising business that specializes in fresh fruit arrangements, combining the concept of a fruit basket with designs inspired by flower arrangement. The company also sells a variety of specialty fruit gift items, such as gift boxes featuring chocolate dipped fruit, and fresh fruit products.

Amber V. says, "The [Edible Arrangements] products online look amazing but they use what ever local florist/ someone to do fruit bouquets to where you live. I ordered something for my aunt for Christmas in another state then i live hers was great. All fresh and beautifully arranged and dipped in chocolate. I wanted to try for awhile so I gave in one day and ordered and the one I received was horrible. Not even the correct arrangement I ordered, the dipped fruit looked like a toddler did it and some of the fruit was mushy and rotten. As well as really warm when I received it. Was very disappointed."


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Current Employee - Supervisor says

"New owners and there is no room to grow into a higher pay! Holidays are a must to work! No offers of Benefits of any kind!"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"little pay for hard work"

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"owners treat you like slaves"

Supervisor says

"The owners expect you to run entire store for minimul pay."

Former Employee - Shift Supervisor says

"Stores are individually owned, so management is different at each store"

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Prepared to give up nearly EVERY holiday. Holidays are crazy busy and hectic so prepared to be highly stressed out then. Valentine's Day is by far the worst and most stressful. Pay does not match the demands of management. You will be expected to work long laboring hours and give up every holiday that has potential to be busy. If you have a boss who is last minute with everything and unorganized like I did it will be a huge inconvenience for anything you may want to plan. We had a high turn-over rate so many didn't stay long and if you did you'd be stuck re-training new people at least every few months. No benefits at all."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Insufficient pay for an exorbitant amount of work. Unable to clock yourself in or out so the overtime you will inevitably work is not properly, if at all, accounted for. nonelisted above"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"No formal training. Lack of communication. Had problems crop up didn’t seem like anyone cared or wanted to help fix them. First day on job handed keys and told to load truck."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The most horrible place I have ever worked. They treat you like you are not even human. I would never even shop there. I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY. UNCLEAN, BUGS, HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK. NO BENEFITS. WORK 15 HR DAYS"

Edible arrangements (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I've ever worked at. Manager was neglectful and left it all on employees, he would find a way to blame issues like not having materials like containers on employees. I had several bounced checks that were given to me, and of course I had to pay for each bounced check, I'm still owed $100 and was never paid back. Please avoid working here!!"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"It was easily one of the worst jobs I had ever worked in my life. Management only cared about themselves and not employees or barely customers. The job did not allow me to have a life nor did they care. My mother was in the hospital and they wouldn't even allow me to take off to be with her. I was told "You can see her when you get off." Who's says something like that? Even a local police officer told me I should quit when they told me to push the truck out of traffic when it had broken down. Stay away from this job if you can, there's a reason they can't keep anyone."

Fruit Prep (Former Employee) says

"Run for the hills . Terrible work culture full of throwing people under the bus , rude and disrespectful to each other , blaming you for any and every thing . Store owner is extremely shady ! She refuses to give paystubs so you won’t see how much you’re actually making and why you’re making sooo little . Hours and pay almost never add up . Terrible work environment. I would never do it again or recommend to anyone .Easy jobShady business practices, unfair pay, poor management"

Arrangement Maker (Former Employee) says

"If you want to work for a grumpy, verbally abusive person, this is the perfect job for you! No matter how fast or hard you work, you'll never hear "good job" or "keep it up." Only constant criticism and being talked down to. I have no idea why this person is working there if they're so miserable. Don't work at the Portsmouth, NH location if you have any self respect."

Fruit Designer (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work but is very slow unless it is valentines day. The location I was at had a very rude owner who did not respect my schedule or the workers."

Team Member (Part-time) says

"The managers and the person who hired me seemed nice at first, yet always ended up being so rude. She would speak to people rudely, and one time when I called her for information she talked down on me."

DELIVERY DRIVER (Former Employee) says

"New owners that bought the store in manalapan are insane. The woman thinks she's above everyone else. Always talking down to workers and customers. Bad place to work at for $10.00/Hr.NoneEverything"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for a few months, who were previously located off W. Broad St., but are now located off of Three Chopt Rd. The first negative thing that I noticed about the job, was that I didn't receive my paperwork until 2 weeks after I started working. This messed up my chances of being able to get paid on time. The manager's "solution" for this, was to send me money via Venmo. This resulted in me getting paid 4 days late for my first paycheck, 6 days late for my 2nd, and 4 days late for my 3rd. I have bills to pay, so most people would see that as unacceptable. The manager also had been paying me $10/hr, when we agreed on $12/hr at the beginning of employment. The care for employees is almost non-existent here. I could write more about my awful experience here, but I'll leave it at that. Save yourself the headaches, and find a different job!"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The owner was not consistant with expectations, and direction to grow. I often had to work the entire store alone during peak hours. Time was inconsistent for management."

Fruit Expert (Former Employee) says

"The store has poor management. They throw trash into trash cans with no bag in there, you are there by yourself, cleaning is a lot, and there is little respect for employees.Watch Netflix when it is slowEverything else"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"The Burlington NC store! We were paid in the 1st and the 15th and always ask to hold our checks for several days or weeks. The owner and manager bought items like balloons, and containers from dollar tree, stuffed animals from Walmart and sold them as edible arrangement Merchandise. A lot of time the chocolate and fruit was purchased from Walmart and Aldis and passed off as gourmet, mold was washed off of grapes"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"For years, with the old owners, it was always fun to come into work. When the present owners took over they made it horrible. They came in with no experience but thought they knew everything. They eventually got rid of the long term employees so they could pay less to undocumented help. They would not pay overtime because they knew we would not say anything because the young employees were young and afraid to lose their jobs. This place was run into the ground. The quality of produce was terrible because they bought cheaper fruit. I did not like selling our product because there would always be customer complaints."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"the owner was very unfair, firing people left and right just because he did not like them, He refuses raises but expects one person to do the job of 4/5 people, and that’s with out the harassmentCreative outletPig owner who tries to sleep with employees, completely inappropriate management, personnel issues being openly discussed in front on team members that are not management and no"

Delivery driver (Current Employee) says

"This place is a slave driver for its benefits..very overworked and under payed...the owners are selfish people..they only come in to pick up there money and leave .. they take forever to order things for the store.."

Director of Communications (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing nice to say about this company so I’d prefer to leave it at that the culture is toxic and there is no collaboration. You’re just given orders and are expected to follow. Input is not respected."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Saying one thing an never do it , bad pay and over worked, dint have no benifits, doing other things that dint go to the hiring position, will never work again to that place"

Delivery Route Driver (Current Employee) says

"The only thing I do like about this job is that I get to work at my own pace & don't have anyone over my shoulder all the time. There are absolutely no benefits, no paid time off, no sick days, no vacation time & no room for advancement, There is no pay raises & management is very non- caring"

kim says

"I've purchased before and everything was fine. Since covid, I have ordered twice and had someone send me a sympathy fruit bouquet and fruit basket. The first order was for my sons bday. They left it outside in the heat (usually they will call and come back later). Never got a phone call. Some of the strawberries were already moldy. The second order had the same problem. The chocolate was melting and the next day, the fruit was all moldy. The gift bouquet and fruit basket was the same. The whole oranges in the basket were awful quality. Not sure why they even sent this out. I will never order from them again. Such a waste of money."

talin davtian says

"I placed an order of fruits with ballon and when received the ballon was not there and the delivery guy said I don’t know what happen when I went after him. And also it stated non contact delivery there will be no charge but they charged me. It’s been 3 days since I emailed the store manger and no respond I keep calling the store they never answer. Such horrible experience to have when it was my first time. They stoked my money. This is Burbank location in California store number #229"

Monica Silberzweig Seltzberg says

"I placed an order in Manalapan NJ.I paid $5.00 to add a balloon but the person received the fruit but NOT the balloon...The following day I called the store and let the manager know that she did not receive the balloon.She told me the helium machine broke. Well then why wouldn't I be informed and credited the money????? I asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager Hahahaha. She said she would refund me my 5.00. I asked if she would apply a coupon for this mistake and she said NO. Be careful!!! This is not good..I know its only 5 dollars but it's the principle of the matter.Not good customer service!!!!"

customer says

"I have been using this company for as long as I can remember, for both personal and professional reasons. I have always been extremely happy with their services and their products. However, last week when using their services for a manager of mine who is moving out of state I had my first awful experience. I put in an order over the phone for a delivery several days in advance. I was guaranteed delivery by a certain time in the afternoon, before my manager left. 5 minutes before this time her products had still not been delivered. I called I spoke with the same lady I had placed the order with and was told they do not guarantee delivery delivery by anytime and that I must have misunderstood her. The same lady who was so pleasant when I had ordered before, was now not so pleasant. She was rushing trying to get me off the phone. She said she would cancel the delivery but they could not refund me. Needless to say I stayed late after my shift was over to wait for the delivery that I had paid for but was unable to present it to my manager who had already left. I will no longer be using this company after years of trusting their services."

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